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It was THE HIGHLIGHT of the weekend! It was simply incredible and when it was over the entire audience was on its feet roaring its approval. It was a five minute standing ovation. Unbelievable. As soon as they went to the audience for questions the very first one was, " Can you show that trailer again?" the entire audience was again on its feet... At the end of the panel they showed it again and everyone just went crazy.

A slick film presentation.

The trailer was terrific. One of the great trailers of all time.

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This is the best-known project I’ve been involved with, covered in both TV GUIDE and PEOPLE MAGAZINE. It was shown all over the world at conventions to thousands of people, though it remains officially unavailable to own. The producer of the new series told me that this trailer was responsible for ultimately getting a new series going. That was the goal of the trailer so it achieved what it set out to do...

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Battlestar Galactica

The trailer for this project, which served as a pitch for a sequel to the original series, follows a rag tag group of survivors who seek the long lost hero Starbuck in the hopes of establishing a new home. But the looming specter of the Cylons hangs large and threatens to fulfill their goal of destroying humanity.

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Directed by: Richard Hatch, Jay Woelfel
Writing Credits: Richard Hatch, Sophie LaPorte
Cast: Richard Hatch, John Colicos, Terry Carter, Jack Stauffer, George Murdock, Richard Lynch
Phil Brown, Mickalean McCormick, Ali Willingham, Szilvi Naray-Davey
Produced by: Richard Hatch, Sophie LaPorte, Johnnie J. Young | Cinematography: Dean Cundey
Scott Spears | Film Editing: Eric Chase | Art Direction: Jim Hewitt | Costume Design: Joseph A. Kerezman
Makeup Dept: Anthony D. Castillo, James MacKinnon, Elizabeth Villamarin | Production Mgmt: Andy Wolf
Assistant Director: Eric Clarke | Sound Dept: Dean Andre | Special Effects: Mike McAdams

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