With Criminal Intent
production notes

Yes, that’s a short synopsis, but pretty much says it all, except if you see the film, you’ll find that the wife doesn’t get raped. One of the producers said, in maybe the single most disturbing comment I’ve heard working in films, “We have to have a rape in this film so there will be something commercial to sell it with.” So I took the rape out of the film and they sold it back in.

I took over the role of director on With Criminal Intent as it was getting close to filming. I rewrote the script and for the first time dealt with truly inexperienced producers who were their own and everybody else’s worst enemy. There was enough money involved to have some car stunts and high falls and body burns and gunplay. I learned how to deal with all those elements and to deal with actors who I did not have much say in casting. Jorge Rivera had worked with Howard Hawks and Lucio Fulci and getting to know Jorge and his wife was a pleasure. I also enjoyed working with Joe Estevez, a fellow Ohioan...

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With Criminal Intent

They raped his wife and killed his son. Now he wants revenge with criminal intent.

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel  |  Written by: Jay Woelfel
Cast: Tom Babuscio, James Black, Jeff Burr, Christopher Cho, Jennifer Collins
Mark Collver, Neil Delama, Joe Estevez, Joe Haggerty, Mai-Lis Holmes
Produced by:  Mike Tristano  |  Cinematography:  Scott Spears | Production Design:  Hunter Cressall    Makeup Dept:  Keith Hall  |  Assistant Director: Suzi Mealing, Eric Struble | Art Department:  Scott Pierce
Sound Department:  Dean Andre | Stunts: Dustin Cornelius

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