Dark Between the Stars
production notes

When I was very young I used to have dreams about coming across ancient ruins, not in some foreign land, but right here in America. I also had dreams of monstrous clawed hands reaching up out of sewer drains to grab hold of the wheels of your car as you drove by, and pulling the whole car through the pavement and into the black earth beneath.

In college I saw Peter Weir’s excellent film THE LAST WAVE and thought, why not do a film about Native American history's extinction myths and legends? Instead of the water, which was so pervasive in THE LAST WAVE as a symbol of the impending ancient doom, I’d use the sands of the west.

At the time I hadn’t written anything of feature length yet. This became my first feature treatment and the first thing I ever wrote on a computer rather than a typewriter. Back in those days….

Scott Spears wrote the first script from the initial treatment and we’ve both reworked it many times since. The original idea was completely made up...

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Dark Between the Stars

Beyond a remote desert ghost town a group of outcasts and searchers discover mysterious bones of unknown origin. As an archeologist pieces the bones together a massive, monstrous skeleton arises before them. As the group's world begins to slowly unravel, they desperately seek a connection to an ancient curse whose terrifying force becomes all too real.

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