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The movie was absolutely stunning. A piece of Art. If you like Halloween this is a must see. It makes Scream look like a slow ride to grandmas. If you’re in jail break out and see it.

Demonicus is ridiculously entertaining... a supreme piece of low-budget filmmaking.

Demonicus is a movie turned into a video game. I just love the story and the things that go on in this film. It’s made just right. Horror and sword fight freaks buy this movie now!

This movie scared the hell out of me. I felt like I was right there with these kids, running for my life in the mountains. The dialog is campy but the actors make it work.

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Demonicus was a project I took over late in the game. Most of the casting was in place at that time and the film was expected to be finished almost as soon as we started shooting. This was a film that was owed to actress Vanesa Talor by the production company Full Moon. She had rejected a previous draft of the script and my job, in part, was to...

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On a hiking trip in the Italian Alps, James (Gregory Lee Kenyon) discovers an ancient burial cave filled with gladiator artifacts. He becomes possessed by the spirit of Tyranus, a demon gladiator, and goes on a killing spree to revive the true spirit of Demonicus.

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel
Writing Credits: Tim Sullivan, Jay Woelfel
Cast: Gregory Lee Kenyon, Venesa Talor, Brannon Gould, Kyle Tracy, Jennifer Capo
Allen Nabors, Candace Kroslak, Dominic Joseph, Val Perez, Todd Rex
Produced by: David S. Sterling, Johnnie J. Young | Cinematography: Jeff Leroy
Film Editing: Jonathan Ammon, Jay Woelfel | Casting: Perry Bullington, Robert MacDonald
Makeup Dept: Joe Castro | Assistant Director: Paul Deng, Victor Franko | Art Dept: Brian Pierson
Todd Rex, Traci Time | Sound Dept: M. Steven Felty | Special Effects: Dassler Jimenez

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