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One of the best indie films of recent years. It possesses both subtextual depth and visual beauty. Crammed with enough story and character for two movies.

At times this movie is visually as beautiful and as creepy as anything in THE RING. Simply breathtaking. Goose bump inducing. This is by far the most disciplined and skilled directorial effort by Woelfel. This film rose above the limitations it had.
(Mat Kister: The

Ghost Lake is an imaginative horror film with an ambitious story. The actors are full of energy and the special effects are mostly...

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production notes

This film was done without a safety net of any kind. Young Wolf Productions raised the money, made the film, and then and only then set out to get it distributed. It is also the most widely released film I’ve ever made, being available in close to 30 countries at this point. It’s neither the largest nor the smallest budget I’ve worked with, but we did manage to have a longer shoot and longer post production time that I’ve had on any project I’ve directed other than Titanic. I think that certainly helped make it better.

This also allowed me, as the composer as well, to record the music as the film was coming together...

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At this lake you can’t tell the living from the dead until you’re one of them. The ghosts in this lake can see Rebecca and she can see the ghosts. For reasons locked in mystery, they have risen from their watery graves to kill. She alone can see them and if no one will believe her, then no one will survive.

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel  |  Written by: Jay Woelfel
Cast: Tatum Adair, Timothy Prindle, Gregory Lee Kenyon, Azure Sky Decker, Chuck Franklin
Damian Maffei, Dan Metcalf, Linda Brown, Raymond Suriani, Rick Kesler
Produced by:  Johnnie J. Young  |  Music:  Jay Woelfel  |  Cinematography:  Paul Deng     
Film Editing:  Jonathan Ammon & Jay Woelfel  |  Casting:  Dawn Bennett  |  Prod Design:  Marcus Koch
Assistant Director:  Victor Franko  |  Art Department:  Damian Maffei
Sound Department:  Charles D. Ballard (sound editor), Heidi J. Ballard (foley artist)
Ryan Benson (looping), Eric Chase (sound re-recording mixer), Robert A. Lane (foley editor)
Mark Woodward (sound)

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