Horatio's Hamlet
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HORATIO'S HAMLET, explores what became of Hamlet's revered and trusted friend, Horatio in the years after Hamlet’s death. It was created by Nick Baldasare a writer/actor and Columbus Ohio resident. He’d been one of my most trusted actors when I made films in Ohio, and even appeared in my second Los Angeles feature, WITH CRIMINAL INTENT. He’d also starred in several feature films and appeared in numerous Actors' Theatre Shakespeare productions, including the role of Claudius in HAMLET since I myself left Ohio. In 1998, in response to the death of his friend, actor Wesley Coleman, Nick wrote HORATIO'S HAMLET as a monologue and began performing it on stage in and around Columbus. Currently Nick is involved in touring HORATIO'S HAMLET and his other adaptations of classical literature to schools, libraries, and various other venues. That version ran anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes long...

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Horatio's Hamlet

HORATIO'S HAMLET is one the selections for the ongoing KID'S FIRST film festival, a festival of quality entertainment and education films.

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel  |  Written by: Nick Baldasare, William Shakespeare (play "Hamlet"), Jay Woelfel
Cast: Nick Baldasare | Produced by:  Nick Baldasare, Jay Woelfel  |  Music:  Jay Woelfel 
Film Editing:  Jay Woelfel  |  Sound Department:  Erik V. Schmidt | Visual Effects: John R. Ellis
Camera Dept: Jose Cardenas

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