Puppet Wars: Curse of the Puppet Master
production notes

I was living and working in Los Angeles full time by 1990. In the beginning, I worked mostly as an editor, first at the American Film Institute for Raymond De Felitta and Matthew Gross on a short called BRONX CHEERS and then on a feature EDDIE PRESLEY: A TRIBUTE TO THE KING for director Jeff Burr. On that film I met Dave Parker, who was part of the crew. Both Parker and I were relatively new to LA, loved horror films, and wanted to get in at Charlie Band’s Full Moon Pictures (as it was called at the time). Dave had learned to edit working with me on my film THINGS and was as our inside man (so to speak) at Full Moon, having gotten a job cutting behind the scenes material...

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Puppet Wars: Curse of the Puppet Master

Hitler's Plan was foolproof. He would pursue his obsession with the occult to its very source - Egypt - and harness the unlimited powers of the dark world. But can a mere man control the power of a god? As the god Anubis turns its steely gaze down on the little man one thing is clear. The fate of the world rests on the outcome.

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