Things Production Notes

**UPDATE: THINGS recently re-released on VHS by Sub Rosa Studio Productions**

Things was my first feature as a director in LA (actually about half of a feature). I didn’t know going in that part of my job was to help re-unite a group of people who had started to make a film and then stopped. As the new kid on the project, I was someone who could excite the rest to finish what had seemingly ended badly.

My episode in the anthology is about a woman who has really violent dreams in which her seemingly nice husband does increasingly horrible things to her. My marching orders from producer Dave Sterling were to include some nudity and make it really violent.

The structure of the film is a largely comical wraparound story and then two actual stories within that. It seems like a workable anthology structure that might be used more.

It was a wild film in many ways, including the monster in my episode; which is a melted together slimy hodgepodge of eyes, hands, and teeth. but not in the way that meant it was shot on film, this time it was videotape. This seemingly modest film was re-released several times and spawned two sequels.