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Jay Woelfel's TRANCERS 6 is a worthy entry into the TRANCERS series that shows some potential for things to come, especially regarding new territory for a franchise that's grown tired with recent installments. (B-INDEPENDENT)

You sometimes feel like you’re battling the Trancers right along with Jo/Jack. The cast was a good mix also. Each one brings a different and energetic performance to the film. Director Jay Woelfel has successfully kept the Trancers series alive and well. For Trancer fans and Horror Fans alike, this is a must see. Plenty of suspense, blood, gore, and ass kickin’! (LAURA ALBER EZ-ENTERTAINMENT)

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production notes

Full Moon kept to its word to us for surviving Demonicus, and offered this film to me as director and Johnnie Young as producer. We formed our own company YOUNG WOLF PRODUCTIONS to make this film. We were actually on board before even a script was fully in place and were involved in that development as well...

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Trancers 6

In a return to the groundbreaking original Trancers’ series premise, Jack Deth is back—traveling back in time by inhabiting the form or a relative alive at the time: his own daughter, Josephine. He’s on a mission to save her life, and therefore his own, from another onslaught of the zombie like Trancers themselves.

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel
Writing Credits: Danny Bilson (characters), Paul De Meo (characters), C. Courtney Joyner
Cast: Zette Sullivan, Jennifer Capo, Robert Donavan, Timothy Prindle, Jere Jon, Jennifer Cantrell
Ben Bar, James R. Hilton, Kyle O. Ingleman, Gregory Lee Kenyon
Produced by: Johnnie J. Young | Music: Jon Greathouse | Cinematography: Paul Deng
Film Editing: Jonathan Ammon & Jay Woelfel | Casting: Perry Bullington, Robert MacDonald, Jay Woelfel, Johnnie J. Young | Production Design: Carlos Long, Todd Rex | Makeup Dept: Greg Feiler, Miles Kaltwasser, Sean Kennedy | Production Management: Mickey Kaiserman | Assistant Director: Jacob Bick, Jennifer Van Shea | Sound Dept: Justin Harvey (boom), Jeff Leroy (sound) | Special Effects: Sean Kennedy

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