music by jay woelfel

Jay Woelfel played music in school bands before he started filmmaking.  Jay's success in composing music for his own films led to him becoming an in-demand resource for other filmmakers. He has maintained a composing career alongside his writing, directing and editing work.   As a composer he won an additional Emmy for the music he did for his short film based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's, THE BIRTHMARK.  More recently he won best feature score at AUSTIN SCIENCE FICTION FILM FESTIVAL for Island of the Lost Souls and best feature score at THE GLENDALE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for Fall of the House of Usher. He was nominated for best score for the film Frankenstein Rising by the BIG BEAR HORROR FILM FESTIVAL and best short film score for Starlets at AUSTIN SCIENCE FICTION FILM FESTIVAL.  The clips below include a number of tracks used frequently on the television series, LOST TAPES and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.  His publishing company is WOELFEL WOOD MUSIC (BMI)

• All compositions currently available for licensing. Please contact Jay for more information.


Created for an original scoring competition sponsored in part by HBO.


This is the opening 3 minutes of Jay Woelfel's award winning restored and scored version of the first feature length version of Poe's story. This is the first time the film has been presented with English Language Inter-titles. John Ellis did the picture restoration.


A piece written for the serial killer's religious conversion. Created for the original play Villiany written by John Strysik and directed by Jeff Rack.


This 2 minute piece of music was composed and performed by Jay Woelfel for Orchestral Tools' Outside Competition. Music by or about OUTSIDE as a topic.


A theme for the summer love of soon to be serial killer H H Holmes, as heard in the play VILLAINY. The play was directed by Jeff G. Rack and written by John Strysik


A small montage to give a sneak peak at my score for the film Island of Lost Souls. Winner for Best Feature Film Score at the Austin Science Fiction Film Festival. This cue is named, HE SPILLED BLOOD. The CD can be purchased through this website.

nemo rising c courtney joyner

C Courtney Joyner's NEMO RISING, creates further adventures for the famous Jules Verne character. This can now be experienced (with music) as a game titled, Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror, novel, or audiobook!

Akira Ifukube and John Barry

Original music created as a tribute to the monster music of Akira Ifukube and John Barry.

season of darkness music midnight meeting at library

Music from my film Season of Darkness. It scores a suspenseful sequence at midnight waiting for a killer to arrive.

frankenstein rising music

This final cue in the film deals with the past and future of the Frankenstein Legacy. It underscores dialogue spoken by Oscar winner, Margaret O'Brien.

Live Evil bonus track

Unused cue from the film. This is the Priest's final instructions on Forgetting and fighting. The field drum used and approach is a reference to STRAW DOGS' final. Which was lost on everyone other than myself and star Tim Thomerson.

Lost Tapes: Alien

A Suite of cues for this episode about a person infected with an alien brought into an E.R.  The detuned violins make a unique harmony/dissonance.

Lost Tapes: White River Monster

These cues demonstrate the danger of noodling/hand fishing in a river. The main theme is actually also the main title music from my film GHOST LAKE. These cues demonstrate the danger of noodling/hand fishing in a river. The main theme is actually also the main title music from my film GHOST LAKE.

Horatio's Hamlet: The Ghost

The ghost appears and says "Mark me Hamlet." Shakespeare continues to be considered the greatest due to the variety of genres which came from his material.

Music from Public Enemy

Two cues combined:
It's All I've got/ Kidnapping Action, adventure combine with a heartfelt love story. An early endeavor that I still enjoy... and hope you will as well.

Tomorrow By Midnight music

Unused LOVE THEME for doomed lovers who meet and consummate their love in the "adult" section of the video store. I love to incorporate strings when dealing with this most precious of human connections.

Lucky Luke: Bar Music

Hee Hah type Western Bar music tune demo for the Terence Hill series. The tune is actually that from a song called "Don't you ever fall in love."

Dr. John Dee

Doctor Dee's transformation from man into legend. Original music created for the upcoming live stage performance of a world premiere play by John Strysik: The Tragicall Histoire of Doctor Dee.

Festival of Fools: Hunchback of Notre Dame

Festival of Fools is a classic celebration for the people of Paris. It was the setting for the humiliation of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Closed For The Season Music for the Ghosts

Music for the Ghosts who still ride the rides in the abandoned park. A really great film that was a lot of fun to make!

Live Evil Priests Theme

The Priest's theme heard once in the film. This film allowed me to work (once again) with horror icon Tim Thomerson - always a pleasure!

Lost Tapes: Bear Lake Monster

A group of girls meet Bear Lake's version of the Loch Ness Monster.  Music ensues. A group of girls meet Bear Lake's version of the Loch Ness Monster. Music ensues. A group of girls meet Bear Lake's version of the Loch Ness Monster. Music ensues.

Alien Files: Ascension

 I think this one speaks for itself. Or, to be more specific, where the twilight zone meets the erogenous zone. Yup. Spooky and sexy. A tough combination to beat.

the alien files music space tocatta

This long form stand alone piece is in 4 parts to represent a journey through space with the final organ representing their destination. It got me the job of scoring the series, but none of this piece itself was used as part of it. You never know what will make the final cut. Glad to get a chance to share this with you here. File under: The Alien Files.

The Birthmark music

This Suite is done with a console organ and live guitar.  A rare duo. An Emmy winner! Something that I consider a fantastic achievement by the entire creative team.

Public Enemy: On Foot

Our hero goes on the run as he realizes he'll be framed for another cops murder. I tried to capture both the gritty world of the cop as well as the growing intensity of the hunt. Here's a small snippet.

Psychon Invaders: Alien Aircraft

Jeff Leroy's Alien invasion tongue in cheek explosion fest.  I actually act in the film, portraying a director I resemble.  This music is from the opening of the film when the Alien's UFOs are first sighted and engaged.

The Screaming: Night Drive

This cue tracks an abduction and sacrificial ceremony.

STARLETS by Marten Carlson

End title music for the Starlets feeding. Starlets is a multi-award winning short film written and directed by Marten Carlson, produced by Hunter Wayne. A true pleasure to create.

West of Zanzibar: The Revolt

Original score for classic silent film. Lon Chaney's character comes to a self-imposed tragic end in this classic from 1928.

frankenstein rising music

Near the end of the film our heroes try to Kick the monster's ass. It doesn't work out too well for them.

Carnival Of Fear (British Title)

A young couple is trapped in an abandoned fun house, and something else is in there...coming for them. A true pleasure to create.

This episode of the series was the first to use my music.  The title THE SENSITIVE, refers to a girl in a small town who may be psychic or possessed or schizophrenic.  The theme for her was used in many episodes after this. A true pleasure to create.

Lost Tapes: Dover Demon

A group decides to fake a Dover Demon attack, but the Real Demon attacks them instead. Like the lady said in the commercial: don't fool with mother nature.

Ghost Lake Full Song

GHOST LAKE uses a song as a key part of the story. It appears various times with different lyrics each time. People as far away as Russia have asked for a copy of the song. So here it is. This version is the most complete and is longer than what's used in the film. Vocals by Elizabeth Danko who also sang my James Bond parody song.

Cut Throat: Music from the film

This is a short film, made by Chris Chaffin, about gangsters and a not so friendly game of pool.  The score allowed me to jazz it up in a way I don't usually get to.

Demonicus: Main Title

Demonicus Main Title is for all those who love synth drones.  And who doesn't? If you haven't heard this music with the film then you've never seen the director's cut which is the U.S. DVD.

Lucky Luke: Main Theme

Main Theme I did, with Steve Albanese on trumpet, for the Terence Hill TV series. We made it past several levels of approval before Maurice Jarre got the job. Yeah "that" Maurice Jarre.

He! music from Jay Woelfel film
He! is a film I made based on a Guy De Maupassant story of a man afraid of an empty chair and the strange figure that sometimes appears in it. This early score features a combination of Wind chimes, Piano, and synth all recorded live.