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CARNIVAL OF FEAR (formerly: CLOSED FOR THE SEASON) is now available for viewing via Amazon Prime!

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Latest Woelfel Film coming to NYC's Chain Film FestLatest Woelfel Film coming to NYC's Chain Film Fest

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A re-edit of LIVE EVIL will soon be released under the title SAMURAI PRIEST VAMPIRE HUNTER ©2021. Much of the content is the same in both versions of the film. However, the REVIEWS and PRODUCTION NOTES within this website are solely reflective of LIVE EVIL and have no relation to SAMURAI PRIEST VAMPIRE HUNTER ©2021.

Director Jay Woelfel, star Tim Thomerson and other cast and crew at the original premiere showing at the Valley Film Festival of LIVE EVIL, shown again this year in re-edited and retitled form as SAMURAI PRIEST VAMPIRE HUNTER ©2021.

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World premiere of new score by Jay Woelfel

D: James Whale
US / 1932 / 73 min
A precursor to the genre of renegade young people getting stranded among older (and far more degenerate) adults in a remote location, The Old Dark House is a “pre-code” film and features some language and sexually suggestive material that would be banned from American screens until the 1960s. Boundaries will be crossed, reality will fail, and mayhem will ensue. The family our kids come across, this time, can also be seen as the grandparents of The Addams Family. The Old Dark House is Frankenstein director James Whale’s follow up horror film that also stars the previously unknown Boris Karloff and is a precursor to their final film together, Bride of Frankenstein. Like many films of the day, it was released with no music other than a “library score,” used for the opening and ending credits and not specifically composed for the title. Award-winning composer Jay Woelfel has composed a brand new 52-minute music score, the first ever done for the film. Cast: Boris Karloff, Melvyn Douglas, Charles Laughton, Gloria Stuart


If you're a die-hard fan of classic cinema, or one of Jay's most faithful followers then consider making your way to Austin, Texas for OTHER WORLDS AUSTIN film festival December 1 - 4, 2016.

Jay will be in attendance on Sunday, Dec 4th for the 3:25pm screening of "Island of Lost Souls" - the 1932 classic adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel "The Island of Dr. Moreau." The screening features the World Premiere of Jay's all new original score for the film!

To purchase tickets (all-access festival "BADGE") go to: FESTIVAL BADGES
To see the entire festival line up of films go to: FILM LISTING

To learn more about Jay's original score please read associated article below.


The classic film ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (based on the H.G. Wells story THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU) never had a musical score other than re-purposed music for the credit sequence. But now Jay has created a music CD to increase the power and scope of this timeless film.

This new 60 minute score starts with the crashing of waves and ends with the tolling of a ship’s bell vanishing into the fog. Besides his filmmaking Jay has scored many films and won an Emmy for it. This is the first score by Jay Woelfel to be made available for commercial release.

I’ve always loved this film and did my score to honor the movie and add a new dimension to it with a music score inspired by it. This is a score of themes and also the sounds of the jungle and ocean that entrap the Beast Men and their creator. Most of the characters have their own signature sound, wood drums for Orang, purring fluttering flute for Lota, creaking hurdy-gurdy organ and guttural strings for Moreau, and some appropriate phonograph dinner music for his unscientific guests, and of course the lament for the Sayer of the Law and his religious oration of ARE WE NOT MEN? – featured in the below video clip.


Sample clip from the classic film matched with original music by Jay now available for purchase.

purchase music CD here
purchase movie without music here


Great news for fans Jay's early films! Iron Thunder and Unseen Evil - both starring RICHARD HATCH - are now RE-MASTERED and available for purchase from MVD Entertainment Group. Click on an image below to visit their site or purchase the title of your choice.

Iron Thunder re-release now available for sale
Unseen Evil re-release now available


Jay's early and consistent supporter, John Thonen, wrote the attached article giving a comprehensive peek behind the scenes of the creation of two of Jay's early feature films. Though gone from our world now, John's spirit and support continues to influence and drive Jay and other independent film makers to express their personal visions no matter what limitations they face.

Mind Over Money article by John Thonen


Jay was asked to direct this short info/drama about U.S. service men dealing with the problems of coming home after years of war overseas. It follows Isaiah Mundo and his veteran friends as they deal with Post Traumatic Stress Sydrome, substance abuse, suicides and a host of adjustment problems in search of elusive "wellness." A trailer is online and editing is underway.

Jay notes, "I recently had the pleasure of working on the project "Isaiah Is Talking" with the very talented and impassioned Sara Matthews. The project deals with the subject of PTSD and follows a group of former combat veterans trying to assimilate back into a society that increasingly has no use for the skills it previously demanded of them. I encourage you to check out the Film Page for this project to learn more or view the Facebook page set up for the project." (link below)

more info on facebook


Asylum of Darkness recently completed a successful, and profitable, theatrical premier in Columbus Ohio and limited engagements at the DREXEL THEATRE and THE GRANDVIEW THEATER--where it out-grossed THE HOBBIT one day. The film continued its festival run with THE PHILIP K DICK FESTIVAL in NYC where it screened twice and at the Los Angeles INDEPENDENT SHOWCASE film festival. Check back for more festival news.

asylum of darkness
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